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In 1992, John Hamill purchased a division of Greater Hartford Realty Management Corporation (“GHRMC”) containing the management of a portfolio of properties he had managed since the late 1970s, and founded Suburban Greater Hartford Realty Management Corporation (“SGHRMC”).  SGHRMC has experience managing family, elderly, subsidized and market rate properties.  Additionally, we currently manage three commercial properties in the Hartford area.  

Each of the residential properties we manage has a large proportion of families, with the exception of the 45 units of elderly housing (Bennet Housing) that we manage for a nonprofit sponsor in Manchester.  We have experience with residents of various income levels, racial groups, ethnic backgrounds, and household compositions.  Many of our residents have been with our properties since the early 1970s.

Our experience with publicly financed housing has been excellent, and we have established constructive, longstanding relationships with the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Hartford (HUD), Connecticut Housing Investment Fund (CHIF), Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) and the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD). We have been involved with the majority of the properties on the attached list since initial construction.  Utility Development Corporation, the former parent company of GHRMC, constructed most of these properties. During construction, we supervised the completion of the properties as well as the initial resident selection, which included the application eligibility process and the final selection of residents to live in the new units.  In each case, we were involved in meetings with HUD, CHFA and DECD to obtain the mortgage insurance and corresponding financing. More recently, we have successfully secured private refinancing for Oakland Heights Apartments and Squire Village Apartments.

Our team of bookkeepers, occupancy specialists, property managers and maintenance personnel provide professional management services to owners and their tenants.  SGHRMC recently acquired Classic Real Estate Systems, the premier property management software on the market, to streamline our accounting, tenant and owner services and complement our expertise in property management and our focus on professionalism and effective communications.